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Why ICC?

ICC Worldwide™ & Your Business

Why Do You Need ICC Worldwide™?

Businesses have changed significantly over the years. One glance at today's automated agencies affirms this point. India is increasingly playing a dominant role in today's world trade and poised to be the next Power House for growth in the Asia Pacific region only after China.

  • Need to reach a global customer base quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Need for Indian Exporters to compete with suppliers of Global Standards.
  • Turnaround times are a competitive advantage and shrinking day by day.
  • Procurement is becoming intensely complex, lead time driven and crossing international boundaries.
  • Larger proliferation of Logistics Providers with different service offerings.
  • Resulting in the spiraling of uncertainty of Whom, How and When to Choose??

This has created a critical need for a Comprehensive Logistical Solutions Provider under a single roof. ICC Worldwide provides a unique and superior level of excellence among others; with our own expertise, infrastructure, and experienced manpower coupled with resources from our outsourcing back-office division, i2c World, Inc., we are able to offer custom solutions that meet today's global logistics challenges. Our commitment to quality service has been achieved way before other companies even existed. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the best possible service while considering the special and unique needs of our clients.

Some More Reasons Why you Need ICC Worldwide™

  • ICC Worldwide™ is big enough to deliver you quality and reliability, small enough to provide you with custom and personalized service.
  • ICC Worldwide™ has over 25 managed and networked branches worldwide and connects to all major destinations in India.
  • ICC Worldwide™ has a satisfied client roster built over decades with Fortune 500 names in Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Fashion, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Ecommerce, and IT.
  • ICC Worldwide™ is privately owned and managed whereby decision and policy-making is fast - we give you quick and honest responses to your concerns.
  • ICC Worldwide™ has secured a hard-earned reputation with our performance and professionalism even if you have one employee or 10,000 employees.