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About us

In today's global business world, procurement and logistics management go hand in hand. The management team at ICC Worldwide brings a client-centric approach to your procurement and logistics needs whether it is B2C e-commerce, express courier services or complex international cargo, logistics and fulfillment solutions. Our core expertise is in managing high volume cross-border shipments from all over the world to anywhere in India.

As one of the first international couriers serving India since the 1970's, ICC has acquired invaluable experience in addressing the international needs of the Indian market. For over 24 Years we have been providing international courier & logistics services to businesses and individuals around the world. In addition to over branches all over India, we have a solid international network and serve markets in the USA, Europe, the Far East and Middle East. Today, we build on our experience and growth to provide solutions for major clients and pave the way for cross-border e-commerce in India.

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